Mayor Durkan and City Councilmembers announce $1 million to ensure a continuation of homeless services

Following the completion of the RFP process to focus on longer term housing strategies, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan, City Councilmembers, and Seattle Human Services Department (HSD) announced $1 million available to ensure a continuation of homeless services for current providers to ensure no shelters close this winter. With up to six months of funding for […]

Ravenna Woods encampment cleanup recap

Following multiple outreach visits, the City’s Navigation Team, a group of outreach workers and specially trained police officers, removed an unsanctioned encampment from the Ravenna Woods yesterday. A previous encampment in the same area was removed in July. During inspection and outreach, the Navigation Team observed several large structures, excessive amounts of uncollected garbage and used hypodermic needles, […]

The why, when and how of encampment cleanups

Homelessness is a large and complex issue. There are many factors contributing to the increase of people living without shelter or those who are at-risk of becoming homeless: Seattle’s skyrocketing rents, the retreat of federal funding for subsidized housing, structural inequalities rooted in systemic racial injustice, a woefully inadequate mental health system, and an opioid […]