Current Issues

Protecting Abortion Access in Seattle
The Seattle City Council is working to pass laws safeguarding reproductive rights and ensure everyone in Seattle, Washington State, and beyond has access to safe abortions and healthcare.
PayUp Legislation
The PayUp policy package is a group of bills being drafted and introduced by Councilmembers Lisa Herbold and Andrew Lewis that work to address the many issues facing gig workers.
2021 Annual Report of the Seattle City Council
2021 Annual Report of the Seattle City Council
Seattle Park District
In the fall of 2022, the Seattle City Council, sitting as the Seattle Park District Board of Directors, will approve the Park District’s next cycle of investments.
Council's Balancing Package
The Council puts together its version of the City budget after receiving a proposal from the Mayor in late September. Each Councilmember offers amendments, and the budget chair - Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda - puts together a draft budget, or balancing package, that reflects the Council's shared values and priorities.
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