Magnolia Community Center Stabilization

Updated: May 26, 2022

Community Center Stabilization

The project is currently in for permitting. Construction is planned for late 2023 after Queen Anne CC work is completed. 

Magnolia Community Center was identified in the 2016 Community Center Strategic plan for a major maintenance project focused on extending the life of the facility and increasing programming potential. The preliminary scope of the project has been refined and is outlined below. The final scope will continue to be refined throughout the design process based on more information about cost and needs.

  • Roof replacement for gym, access to roof and fall restraints
  • Structural enhancements to gym
  • Roof Area B repairs
  • Window upgrades in multipurpose rooms
  • Wood screen replacement
  • VAT abatement and floor tile replacement in hallway
  • Restroom remodel on main floor for improved accessibility and all-gender use
  • Exterior accessibility improvements:  Parking lot, plaza, main entrance, push-button operators
  • Independent fire alarm detection system and wet fire protection system
  • Wheelchair lift between gym and lobby
  • Electrical: Replacement of aging panels, separation from school, and upgrade for pottery room kiln
  • New exit lighting and signals      
  • Install ducted dedicated outdoor air system for ventilation           
  • Galvanized piping replacement  
  • Main entrance flooring and hallway replacement
  • Kitchen remodel for updates and improved accessibility

Community Center Stabilization Frequently Asked Questions


While we expect this work to close the center for a portion of time, a priority of the project will be to minimize the impact to programming. We will post the construction schedule at the community center at least one month ahead of time.

Planning: Spring - Winter 2017
Design: Winter 2017 - Late 2020
Permitting: 2022
Construction: Construction is planned for late 2023 after Queen Anne CC work is completed. The facility will be closed during construction (9-12 months).