Ballard Stay Healthy Street

June 14, 2022

What's Happening Now?

We are currently in the Evaluate stage of the Stay Healthy Streets process to determine if the Ballard Stay Healthy Street on 17th Ave NW should be made permanent. This Stay Healthy Street location is an important connection for students walking to and from Whitman Middle School. In addition to street improvements, there will also be drainage improvements at this location. To learn more about the 17th Ave NW Stormwater Improvements please visit the website here.

A graphic showing the five stages of determining a permanent Stay Healthy Street: Needs Assessment, Feasibility, Pilot, Evaluate and Design.

Project Overview

Take the Stay Healthy Streets survey to let us know what you think!

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Take the survey by phone:

Leave a message, request a listening session, or take our survey by calling (206) 727-3565 and pressing the number for the language you prefer: 1 Spanish • 2 Cantonese • 3 Mandarin • 4 Vietnamese • 5 Somali • 6 Amharic • 7 Tigrinya • 8 Korean • 9 Tagalog

Questions about the project?

You can reach out to us by email at or call (206) 684-7623.

A map displaying the location of the Ballard Stay Healthy Street, which starts at Soundview Playfield and runs south along 17th Ave Northwest, ending at Northwest 58th Street.

A collage of four photos showing examples of possible improvements to the Stay Healthy Street: Bike Racks, Painted Pavement, Benches and Planters.

Program overview

Stay Healthy Streets are an important tool for Seattleites to get outside, travel to grocery stores, pharmacies, and local businesses, and get exercise. They make it possible for people to walk, roll, and bike in the street while staying 6 feet apart during the COVID-19 pandemic. Installed as part of our emergency response to the pandemic in 2020, they also provide an opportunity for you to consider how they might improve your community long-term. 

How were streets selected?

Most Stay Healthy Streets were installed along Neighborhood Greenways, which have traffic calming like speed humps, improvements to make it easy to cross busy streets, and have gone through a community engagement process. These improvements were also in place along the Beacon Hill route, and so it was designated a Stay Healthy Street in June 2020 to provide additional space in Beacon Hill during the pandemic.

 A group of students walk safely to school on a Stay Healthy Street in a residential neighborhood