Solid Waste Reports

Seattle Public Utilities' (SPU) uses data to inform city solid waste programs and services. SPU tracks and analyzes a variety of tonnage, transfer station usage, and recyclables market data. The analyses appear in the following reports, which are in PDF format unless otherwise noted:


Annual Waste Prevention and Recycling Reports

Progress toward the City's solid waste goals, key waste generation and recycling trends, program highlights, and future plans.


Solid Waste Quarterly Reports

All-in-one report with garbage, organics and recycle tonnage data from the self haul, residential, and commercial sectors.


Solid Waste Quarterly Program Reports

Tonnage data by waste stream (i.e. garbage, organics, and recycling).

Garbage Reports

Organics Reports

Recycling Reports

Recycling tonnage data from the residential sector and the free business recycling program.



Construction, Demolition, and Land Clearing (CDL) Report

CDL tonnage by receiving facility.


Transfer Stations Reports

Continually updated annual reports with customer usage and tonnage data from SPU's two transfer stations.

Incoming Trips and Tons Reports

Incoming trips and garbage, organics, and recycling tonnage data from SPU's two transfer stations.

Inbound vs Outbound Reports


Recycling Market Reports 

Average monthly prices for recyclable material from the commercial and residential sectors.