Frequently Asked Questions

I just picked up litter around my block. Can I report a pick up if I only collected a half bag of litter?
Always report your clean up, even if you don’t need a litter bag pick up. We dispatch our crews to pick up only where there are 2 or more full yellow Adopt a Street bags of trash collected. If you have less than that, here are some other options you might consider:

  • If you have room in your weekly garbage you can place it in there for pick up. Be sure it fits, otherwise you could get charged extra in your weekly collection.
  • You can keep the yellow bags at place where you can add collected litter to it each time you go out. Once you have two full bags, you can place them in front of your house and report them for pick up. Note: Please do not place near where your weekly bins get collected.
  • You could place in or beside public litter cans near you.
  • Call us, we have some other ideas for how to make this work better for you!

If I don’t need you to pick up my bags, should I still report my clean up?
Yes, please! It helps us know the impact that our volunteers make! If you are picking up multiple times a week, feel free to just report your clean ups all at once on a weekly basis. Report your clean up using the online form, and it's a good idea to bookmark it.

What if I see items that will not fit in my bag while I am out?
A best practice is to place your collected bags of litter near the illegally dumped items that are too big to fit in your bag. We will dispatch our contractors to pick up both the bags and the other illegally dumped items. If that is not possible, please feel free to submit a Find It, Fix It request to report the illegally dumped items for pick up.

What if the street I want to adopt is already adopted?
We know it takes a village to keep streets clean, especially in high-use areas. We welcome and support overlapping adoptions and co-adoptions. We love to see volunteers and neighbors support each other! Each adoption person or group will still be displayed on our map, even if they overlap.

I am out of yellow bags, how can I get more?
Let us know when you are running low on supplies by emailing us or filling out our online supply request form. We will work with you to make sure you have all of the supplies you need and can make other arrangements if you can’t pick them up.

Do I have to give back the Adopt a Street supplies that you gave me?
Nope, they’re yours now to pick up litter whenever, wherever you would like. Enjoy! But if they are taking up too much space in your home and aren’t useful to you, we would very much appreciate if you arranged to get them back to us.

My neighbor wants to pick up litter with me, can I get them a litter kit or do they have to sign up separately?
Since you are an Adopt a Street volunteer with us, you would be welcome to pick up any additional supplies you need for others in your group. Your neighbor is welcome to sign up separately, but it is not necessary.